Sunday, 18 June 2017


I've just come back from a week in England. Back to a continuing heatwave. The weather in Yorkshire has been wet and then dry and mild. Cardigan weather.

Even, on Saturday anorak weather! This is the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

This is a giant chair in the interesting town of Saltaire.

The other photos are from some of the gardens we visited.This area was just hostas

An exercise in topiary

An amazing chestnut tree

Temple Newsam greenhouse, geraniums

Sunday, 21 May 2017

An afternoon trip to Broto

Saturday was a beautiful May day so we took the car to Broto. From Sabiñánigo to Fiscal there's a wonderful road that's only been open a few years. Then you have to go 14 kms on a wiggly old road. All we did was walk along the high street a bit, up to see a view of the mountain called Mondarruego.
Apparently 2,845m above sea level

Then down to see a spectacular warerfall called Sorrosal.

Good, isn't it?
The village of Broto is crammed with tourists. Lots of them are there to climb or do kayaking in the white waters of the river Ara.
Near the stumps of the medieval stone bridge, destroyed in the Civil War, I found this amazing plot of Arums.

Friday, 28 April 2017


Last Monday was a holiday-for St George's Day (which was actually Sunday but we had a day off in lieu)
It was a beautiful morning so we did a little excursion to Orante on the old road to Sabiñánigo.
There's a stone church building and a few houses. We were met by a couple of friendly Pyrenean mountain dogs and an elderly chap who escourted us along the track to the chapel of San Benito. It's all a bit mysterious and "New-Age"; apparently it's got "Teluric energy" and has been used at least since the Bronze Age. One part of the chapel wall is reputedly more than a thousand years old. The location is simply spectacular.

There's a little vent in the wall opposite the door which is apparently something like Celtic, to catch the last rays of the setting sun on the Equinox in March; the guide told us that this was very rare because they were usually for the sunrise.  Nice place!
That was April 24th. Warm and sunny. Today is the 28th and I lit the fire in the living room!

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Flowers gone crazy

This morning we walked to church through Pignatelli Park in Zaragoza. It's been a horrible windy spring day, but I was very struck by some flowers coming out of the garden of a Modernist building next to the Italian Church.

They look like escapes from a fairy story (I saw Beauty and the Beast last week) According to the park web page 
they are "thornless rose" I looked in Wikipedia and the say :Rosa banksiaecommon names Lady Banks' rose, or just Banks' rose. 
Really pretty!

Teruel exists

The Teruel Exists campaign has been going on for some years now. I've written about it a few times in this blog. Today's entry is because of a protest we saw in the centre of Zaragoza yesterday.

People dressed in 19th century-stylecostumes to protest about a 19th century-style railway service from Zaragoza to Valencia via Teruel, of course.
This is the protesters in Valencia station. Good luck to them!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Madrid by train

In February we did a trip to Madrid. One of the reasons for doing it was that Rafael really wanted to go on the AVE, or Spanish high speed train. I booked tickets in advance to get a good deal, also a hotel in the city. Leaving at nine in the morning we were in Madrid by ten thirty-five.

The train goes up to 300km/hour on some parts of the journey!
Then we had to find the hotel-a couple of stops on the underground, up the Gran Vía and there it was: Hotel Senator.
It was very nice and comfortable. Having dropped off our bag we headed off to our first destination, El Museo del Romanticismo. Through less salubrious areas, it took us a while to find. 
This is the outside

Here are some pictures of the inside

I enjoyed seeing the dresses displayed close enough to examine fairly well.

When that was over we ate. in the afternoon we went to an exhibition of the Dutch artist Escher. It was very expensive compared to the national museums.

Walking around in Madrid 
Apparently the view from the top is great, but it's closed for repairs.

One of the great Modernist buildings in the Gran Vía

a refreshing cup the Plaza Mayor

Yes, there are some giant legs coming out of the window!

The English College for  18th century Jesuits, I think.

On Saturday we went to the Archaeological Museum. It was really well arranged; all the national stuff in chronological  order from pre-history to the latest. From bones and stones to amazing and exquisite jewellery. We saw the famous Dama de Elche, whose real purpose they don't know. surprisingly, she wasn't absolutely unique. The have one full-body lady and another bust, but they are not quite as elegant as this one. 
 Roman mosaics

Gold! Lots of it!

Coins, jewellery, bright, shiny gold!
That was just about it. We were tired and footsore by the time we got to the station and took the Ave back to Zaragoza.