Sunday, 3 September 2017


Two sides
of the cushion

Again, two 

After I'd made 
the little cushion, I decided it was too small and made it bigger. The one on the right I made last year.

Summer 2017

What with one thing and another I haven't put anything on this blog for some time.One thing was the glut of plums. We onlty have one tree but it wasn't pruned at all and produced an awful lot of fruit. We ate some but most of it went into rather sloppy plum jelly. Last year I bought some packets of pectin in France to add to my jams (they don't sell it here) and I don't think I got the hang of it. The jelly tastes nice but pours rather too well!

A visit to Riglos to see the amazing "Mallos"

From just inside the entrance to Loarre Castle, on the same trip.
Taking photos of flowers in Candanchu
Then at the beginning of July the choir went to Lasarte to do a concert, after which we went to San Sebastián for a few hours

San Juan de la Peña

The Aspe valley looking down into France

In Cantabria, the lovely Santillana del Mar, which was so crowded we couldn't even park the first time we tried!

Don't try and go on Sunday afternoon in August.

This is the official source of the river Ebro

And this is the street where we finally managed to park in the pouring rain in Santander

This is the Botín Centre, built by the Banco Santander people

There are some amazing beaches in Cantabria; unfortunately the weather was against us and the sea was rough-this day at Tagle they put up the red flag which also happened at Suances where the wind whipped the sand in a painful way.

This is an inlet next to Tagle which we saw from above

A ruin which was more picturesque from a distance.

The famous caves of Altamira were fully booked and we'd already seen the museum (the actual caves are visitable by about 10 people a week by a lottery for ticket holders) so we tried some called la Cueva de las Monedas. They were also fully booked, so we saw the village nearby called Puente Viesgo

The last excursion was to Santoña; it was probably the best weather that week

Sunday, 18 June 2017


I've just come back from a week in England. Back to a continuing heatwave. The weather in Yorkshire has been wet and then dry and mild. Cardigan weather.

Even, on Saturday anorak weather! This is the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

This is a giant chair in the interesting town of Saltaire.

The other photos are from some of the gardens we visited.This area was just hostas

An exercise in topiary

An amazing chestnut tree

Temple Newsam greenhouse, geraniums